Aquarius Aquarius Monthly General Horoscope

(Oct 2023)


The month of October should be favorable and auspicious for Aquarius people. The planetary situation is getting better now. As a result, the problems already arising will be resolved to a great extent and it will be possible to achieve auspicious results in almost all areas. Enthusiasm and bravery will increase this month. Your bravery will also be seen in matters related to enemies etc. There will be favorability in government matters. If any of your cases are pending in the court, you will receive good news there also. There are chances of you getting victory in court related matters. Religious tendencies may increase these days. This month should generally be favorable and fruitful from the health point of view. Health will generally remain good. You will feel healthy physically and mentally. This month, people of Aquarius zodiac sign may have to face mixed results regarding career, money, family and health. This month, there is a need to pay special attention to career and health. This month may trigger higher levels of expenses. Sometimes there may be a possibility of financial loss also.
This month will be somewhat difficult for the people of Aquarius zodiac in terms of financial life. Natives need to pay more attention in terms of money, as there may be a possibility of loss. To avoid problems, caution and concise planning may be necessary in handling money otherwise the people of this zodiac sign may have to face greater losses. Natives who are doing business may have to struggle a bit to maintain profits this month and there may be more competition for these natives with their competitors and hence the natives will have to work hard to secure more profits for their business. There is a need to change our strategy.
This time will not be good for the people of Aquarius zodiac in terms of love and married life. Since the position of the major planets is bad, there may be disturbance in the love of the beloved for these people. Also, for those who are yet to get married, their marriage may get delayed and it is possible that those who are married may have to face lack of harmony in their marital life during this month. For these people, communication problems with their beloved may arise. This month may not be so good for the natives to see spontaneity in love and attraction in relation to thirst may also disappear.
This month is generally favorable and fruitful from the point of view of family happiness. There may be some problem or worry related to your spouse in the latter half of the month. They need attention. There is a need to maintain control over speech and behaviour. Getting angry over unnecessary things is not beneficial for you.
This month is favorable and fruitful for professionals and working class. There are chances of getting good results in job. The transitory situation is better these days for those who are appearing for competitive exams. Their performance and results are likely to be better. The time is becoming auspicious and fruitful for people who want to work abroad. Time is favorable from business point of view. Your business skills will increase. With this skill you will be able to increase profits and sales. You will feel happy after arranging the necessary funds for your business.
This time will not be good for the people of Aquarius zodiac from health point of view. There may be some stress and back pain related problems in the first half of the month. Some kind of restlessness and anxiety may be present for these natives. There may be problems related to sleep in this month. People of this zodiac sign may need to avoid long distance traveling as it can affect their health like stiffness in legs etc. Natives may need to eat food on time, as they may have digestive problems.
Remedy: This month, the mantras ‘Om Ghriniah Suryaayah Namah’ and ‘Om Angarakay Namah’ should be chanted in maximum numbers.
Dates worth being cautious: 5, 6, 14, 15, 23, 24 and 25 of this month are worth being cautious.

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