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Monthly Cancer General Horoscope



For the people of Cancer, the month of May will prove to be successful. If you were cherishing the dream of completion of some work for a long time, then your wish will definitely be fulfilled this month. From the beginning of the month, you will be seen getting support and cooperation from everyone at home and outside. If you were wandering for some time for livelihood, then this wish of yours will also be fulfilled this month. In the second week of the month, the path of progress and profit in career-business will open. During this, you will get full results of your hard work. However, you have to avoid seasonal diseases. During this, you may suddenly get health related problems. In the first half of the month, most of the youth's time will be spent having fun. The second half of the month will be better for businessmen than the first half. During this, you will get more profit than expected. People engaged in the preparation of examination-competition can get great success. Love relations will be intense. You will get opportunities to spend time happily with your love partner. Married life will remain happy. Any good news related to life partner can be received. From May 10, Mars will transit in Cancer, which is the debilitated sign of Mars. This whole month there will be a conjunction of Rahu, Jupiter and Mercury in the tenth house. At this time you have to protect yourself from seasonal diseases. Mars will create inauspicious Shadashtak Yoga with Saturn by sitting in the Lagna. Saturn and Mars being 6 and 8 from each other will create this inauspicious yoga and give you trouble. At this time, you may be harmed by an accident, while disputes with brothers are possible. The decision of the court case may go against you. At this time, due to Saturn's vision on Mercury and this yoga with Mars, the sum of money expenditure is visible.
For Cancerians, the month of May may go through ups and downs financially. There may be loss of money during the journey of the natives. Your job may also change and due to this you may lose money. After the 15th of the month, there are chances of your financial condition getting better. The first half of the month is becoming troublesome in financial life. On the other hand, due to the change in the planetary positions till the latter part, there are possibilities of improvement in your financial condition. The power of planets and luck will start coming by the second half of the month of April, due to which progress will be made in your stalled work. After the 15th of the month, you can consider investing in a fixed asset. This investment is becoming beneficial for you in future. This will give you good returns in future.
This month is not favorable for you in terms of love and relationship. You may have to face many adverse situations during this period. There are chances of facing unrest in love and married life. The latter can be said to be better for love and married life than the former. A sense of ego can arise in this period between lovers and married people. There is a possibility of separation of lovers. A similar situation can also arise for those people who are not married yet and due to this delay in marriage is also possible. You should fully understand and respect the feelings of your love partner during this period. With this, there will be chances of strengthening the love relationship. You can also take the support of a close friend in this regard.
From the point of view of family happiness, it is becoming volatile for Cancerians. Unrest can be faced in family life. This situation is especially being created in the first half of the month. There is a possibility of differences with the spouse. There is a possibility of some unwanted tension or dispute. That's why you are advised to try to control your speech and anger and do not unnecessarily stress anything. Planetary yogas are being made in such a way that you are likely to have more and more misunderstandings with each other during this time period. Spouse can have an arrogant attitude towards you. Therefore, as far as possible, try to keep yourself as calm as possible and engage your mind in reading some religious literature or make up your mind to visit some religious place for a few days.
Career :
Cancerians may have to face work pressure and obstacles at the end of this month. Some natives are also likely to lose their jobs or change jobs for good progress. If you are in business, there is less chance of making good profit this month. You may have to face competition from your competitors till the 15th of this month. That's why you should give up carelessness towards the tasks and try to complete the pending tasks on time. It is only a matter of a few days, till the second half of the month there will be a change in the planetary positions and you will be able to give good results in relation to official work. This will create a wave of happiness among your boss and colleagues. If you are in business, this month is not going to be very good for making high profits. That's why you are advised not to be hasty in taking decisions. If you want to invest any money during this period, then leave it this month. Try to avoid investing risky money.
For the Cancerians, the month of April is going to provide opposite results in terms of health. There are chances of disturbances in your health. Cancerians need to be careful about their health at this time. There can be a problem of pain in the shoulders, ankles and pain in the feet and thighs. This will make you feel lack of enthusiasm. Apart from this, you may also have to face problems related to toothache and eye irritation. This month you can experience upheaval in health related matters. There may be health problems related to back pain and pain in the legs. Cold or phlegm related problems can trouble you.
Remedy: The mantras 'Om Angarkaya Namah' and 'Om Shan Shanaishcharaya Namah' should be chanted in maximum numbers this month. Also, fasting on Monday will be beneficial for you.
Dates to be careful: The 4th, 5th, 6th, 13th, 14th, 22nd and 23rd of the month of May are particularly cautious for you.

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