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Monthly Taurus General Horoscope



The month of May can prove to be mixed for the people of Taurus. You are getting success only after hard work. In the beginning you will be blessed with auspiciousness and good fortune, but from the middle of the month you may have to face some sudden difficulties. In the first half of the month, there are possibilities of a sudden increase in expenses. Economic situation will start improving from the latter. Pilgrimage is also possible in the latter. This month, there will be a great need for you to manage your money and time. In the beginning of the month, you will get many opportunities to gain money in career and business, but even if you want to, you will not be able to take proper advantage of them, due to which your mind will remain a little upset. This month can be a bit challenging for working women, they may find it difficult to balance between their home and workplace. Due to sudden big expenses in the middle of the month, your budget may get disturbed. During this, business people may have to face tough competition from their competitors. From the point of view of love affair, this time cannot be called favorable for you. In such a situation, move forward in this direction after thinking carefully. In the second half of the month, avoid putting your feet in someone else's case and giving false testimony for someone else, otherwise you may have to face unnecessary problems. You may have to go around the court. Take special care of your health and routine this whole month. In terms of health, you need to take special care during this period. The workload will remain during this time period. Success is possible only after hard work.
The financial life of Taurus people can be a bit difficult this month. Planetary positions are not in your favor, due to which your expenses may increase. Disappointment and negative thoughts can trouble you. Aggressiveness and annoyance can remain in nature. There is a need to control all these. Due to not getting the expected support of luck, wealth will not be fully generated. Apart from this, the economic condition can also be affected by the increase in expenses. In such a situation, you have to control your habit of spending more and manage your money properly, otherwise you may be in a position to take a loan. In the latter, the people of Taurus will be able to improve their deteriorating financial condition.
The love and married life of Taurus people should be mixed this month. The native is seen getting good results in love and married life till 15th of the month. Those people who are planning to get married, they can think about marriage before the 15th, because at this time the chances of marriage are being seen. Planetary positions are being made in your favor, due to which this month is going to be good for the people of Taurus in terms of love affair.
The people of Taurus may have to face many problems in their family life this month. Confusion can arise due to disputes in the family. There may be a lack of happiness in family life. Overall, due to the position of the planets, the family environment may give some tension. In such a situation, you are advised to work with patience and things should be ignored. At this time you need to keep restraint on your speech, otherwise during this time you will say something with your words, which will increase the controversy. Due to the excellent position of the exalted planets this month, it is possible for you to get good results in your family life.
This month should be mixed fruitful in the field of career, profession and job. There are chances of getting mixed results in relation to job. Where it will be possible to get auspicious results in the first half, conditions will be created for praise and rewards from higher officials and good news will be received in relation to promotion, salary hike etc., while there is a possibility of transfer etc. in the second half. There will also be a possibility of tension from colleagues and higher officials. Delay in work is possible due to lack of expected cooperation from subordinates, for which you may have to bear the brunt. The month of May is not going to be favorable for those who are in business. Natives doing business may also be forced to face difficult times. In such a situation, there is a need to maintain patience. However, businessmen will feel happy due to increase in sales in business. Along with the increase in operational expenses, there are possibilities of increase in incidental expenses as well, be careful in this regard. Take government returns, tax payment and matters going on in various departments seriously, otherwise loss is possible.
For the people of Taurus, the month of May will remain equal in terms of health. Due to the favorable position of the planets, you will not face any major problems these days. You may have minor problems like headache, stomach ache. In such a situation, you have to improve your diet and do yoga and meditation to stay fit. Morning walk should be done every morning, due to which you will be able to avoid the problem of stress. In the latter, you may also face body pain and digestive problems. In such a situation, do not eat outside food. Avoid eating fried and roasted food and include green vegetables and fruits etc. in your diet plan.
Remedy: Chant the mantras 'Om Raa Rahave Namah' and 'Om Ghrini: Suryaya Namah' this month. Also, to pacify the condition of Rahu, perform Havan and Yagya on Saturdays and chant the mantra 'Om Shun Shukray Namah' on Fridays.
Dates to be careful: 1st, 9th, 10th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 27th and 28th of May are the dates to be careful.

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