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Weekly Cancer General Horoscope



For Cancerians, this week is bringing solutions to old problems. This week all your stuck tasks are likely to be completed. Employed people will be able to complete their work on time. You may get praise and responsibility from your seniors this week. Disputes related to land and property will be settled this week. This week you will get full support of family and friends. You are likely to get promotion or success in other areas as well. Good progress in business will be possible. Relations with the partner will improve and you will get a chance to spend more time with him. Due to confidence, you will be able to solve many difficult tasks easily in less time. Conditions will improve in the job. There will be progress in your work and you will get the support of your boss. If the expenses continue to increase, then your pocket will add a little, but some benefit from the government sector is waiting for you. This time is a bit weak for doing business because you will not be in that mental state to take your work forward, so proceed with caution. People living a love life will also have to express their behavior thoughtfully. Before expressing your mind, think many times in which mood the person in front is sitting. Lest it happens that you talk about yourself and he takes it wrong, be patient. The week will be normal for the students. By working hard you will get good results. Last days of the week will be good for traveling.

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