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Weekly Taurus General Horoscope



This week will be good for you. You will take some big decisions which will be of great use to you in future, but ego may grow inside you, which may ruin your friends, so try to stay away from it. Will take some new decision, due to which the economy of the house will be expected to improve. Efforts made regarding income are likely to be fruitful, but expenses against income can be so much that you cannot even imagine them. Be very careful with these. Employed people will work hard in their work and they will get the benefit of their work, but it is a bit difficult to get the support of fellow employees. If you do business, then this will also bring a deal of your benefit. Some new ones can also be found, which will take you forward in your work. You will be happy in personal life because all your five fingers will be in ghee and whether you are in love life or married life, you will enjoy your life. Closeness will increase with life partner and beloved. This week will be good for the students. The time for your hard work has started and if you work hard, you will reap the benefits. Last four days of the week will be good for traveling.

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