The Institute of Indian Astrology and Vedic Sciences (IIVSc) भारतीय ज्‍योतिष एवं वैदिक विज्ञान संस्‍थान is an institute run by Jyotish Sagar Pvt Ltd. Jyotish Sagar has created its niche in the astrology world and has become a popular brand name. Since March 1997, Jyotish Sagar is engaged in publishing one of leading astrological magazines ‘Jyotish Sagar’. We conduct workshops, seminars and research associated with astrology and we also publish periodicals and books and manufacture wide range of Astro-Vastu products.

With this experience it’s our endeavor to spread the learnings and teachings of Astrological science.

Certificate in Astrological Sciences

- Duration : 6 months

Course Content

Kundali Vigyan

Introductory Predective Astrology

Introductory Ashtakvarga

Introductory Gochar Vigyan

Introductory Muhurtashastra

Introductory Remedial Astrology

Diploma in Astrological Sciences

- Duration : One Year

Course Content

Indian Mathematical Astrology

Paper 2 AS002 Indian Predictive Astrology

Paper 3 AS003 Panchanga & Muhurtashastra

Paper 4 AS004 Gochar & Ashtakvarga

Advanced Diploma in Astrological Sciences

- Duration : Two Years

Indian Mathematical Astrology

Indian Predictive Astrology

Panchanga & Muhurtashastra

Gochar & Ashtakvarga

Divisional Carts in India: Astrology (Theory & Practice)

Indian Horary Astrology



Salient Features :

Along with complete study material.

Study material shall be in Printed Books prepared by the institute

24 hours help line regarding the study material.

Classical & Modern Astrology both are included.