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gotoastro.com is the digital platform of Jyotish Sagar®. "Jyotish Sagar' is a popular brand in the world of astrology. Since 1997 we are dealing in Astrology-Vastu services, Astrology related products viz. Gemstone and Rudraksha etc., publication of Jyotish Sagar magazine and Books, Astrology courses etc. gotoAstro is one of the fastest growing astrology platform. Talk to astrologers and get predictions and solutions from the best astrologers. "Jyotish Sagar' is a monthly magazine, which is the most popular magazine in their field. This national level magazine is available in all the major cities and states of the country. The editor of Jyotish Sagar, Shri Avnish Pandey is a well-known astrologer of the country. He is the family astrologer of many national and state level politicians, film actors, industrialists, administrative and other officials etc.We publish Astrology, Vastu and Regilious Books. We also provide other publishers' books  on our portal. 
"Jyotish Sagar' is a Private Limited Company, which is known as a trusted company for deling in Gemstone and Rudraksha with the purpose of Astrology. We do our business both online and offline. Apart from Gemstone and Rudraksha we also deal in many types of Astrology-Religious-Vastu Products like Yantras, Malas, Pendants, Bracelets, Pooja-Packages, Vastu Packages, Books, Astrology-Vastu Software etc.
gotoastro also provides a variety of e-puja services. Under e-puja, facilities for puja related to rituals, various types of religious puja, Vastu puja etc. are made available.
We are offering many astrology courses through online, offline and correspondence with the name of The Indian Institute of Astrology and Vedic Sciences.

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With over two decades of experience, “gotoAstro” is a platform built to harness the science of Astrology to transform lives. It is envisioned to expand the potential and benefits of Astrology to enable its accessibility to everyone who needs it. It is one of India’s largest digital Jyotish Ventures because of its trustworthiness, client-satisfaction track record, and vast range of solutions.

Whether you need a real-time consultation, astrological ornaments, puja services, or learn the science of Astrology, gotoAstro has brought all of these and more under one roof for you. 

Our certified Astrologers, Numerologists, Vastu Experts, and more qualified experts are just a few clicks away from you. They are always there to decode the message of your stars for you, to navigate you in making significant life decisions, to guide you out of problems, and to understand why things in life are the way they are.

gotoAstro’s online store displays plenty of certified products like Gemstones, Rudrakshas, Pooja Yantras, Idols as well as other religious materials. The quality and effectiveness of our products are uncompromised and top-notch. You can also make reservations for online pooja rituals and ceremonies enabling access to these services in the remotest of areas. Our monthly publication of Jyotish Sagar magazine and Online Astrology courses contribute to the idea of spreading awareness and knowledge among people. We provide multiple free and premium Astrology services including daily horoscope, matchmaking, panchang, gemstone-rudraksha recommendation, numerology, and more online to make your journey of life flawless.

gotoAstro encourages you to try and trust us to make your life convenient.