Aquarius Aquarius Yearly Finance 2023 Horoscope



For Aquarius people, this year is likely to be similar to last year. From January 17, 2023, the transit of Saturn will be over your zodiac sign, which is not considered auspicious, but due to the transit of Jupiter in the second house, its inauspicious effects will reduce to a great extent. The transit of Jupiter will change from second house to third house in April, 2023. The Jupiter of the third house is not considered very good, but there will be a favorable transit of Rahu located there. Risky actions should be avoided this year as well.

Financially, this year should be a relief for you. This year, control over expenses will be established to some extent. There will be a reduction in unnecessary expenses. The irregularity of the sources of income will go away to some extent. There will be compatibility in matters related to pending loans. The returns of the investments made in the past will start getting better. Risky investments should be avoided this year.

For Aquarius people, the year 2023 should be favorable from the financial point of view. Income should remain regular this year and opportunities for increase in income may come till April 2023. If you are in a job, there is a possibility of increase in income not only through salary hike but also through sources of additional income. There are chances of going on a better job package. Efforts can also be made in this direction. This year should be more favorable for professionals in financial matters. There are chances of improvement in terms of income for IT professionals, medical and law professionals. They can get good opportunities. Time is favorable for businessmen, but they seem less likely to get the expected profit.
From the point of view of investment, this year is better than the previous year. There are chances of getting better profits from the investments made in the past. From the point of view of new investment, safe investment should be made the basis. Risky investment should be avoided. If you want to invest in shares, then it would be best to invest in IPO and mutual funds. Right now you should avoid direct trading. Investment opportunities in property may come. Such opportunities can be seen at the beginning of the rainy season. Before taking a decision in this regard, it is necessary to examine the documents of the property. Investing in property will be appropriate only when the title is clear, because there are chances of disputes and litigation this year. That's why care should be taken.
This year seems to be a relief from the point of view of expenses. Financial condition will seem to improve due to relief in expenses.
1. Wear Ratna Shakti locket of Aquarius.
2. Wear Seven faced and ten faced Rudrakshas.
3. Chant the mantras 'Om Sham Shanaishcharaya Namah' and 'Om Brihaspataye Namah'.
4. Chant Mrityunjaya Mantra 'Om Jum Sah'.

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