Virgo Virgo Weekly Horoscope

(02-10-2023 - 08-10-2023)


This week will bring some different results for you. You will be seen more busy in intimate relationships this whole week. If you are married, there will be a strong feeling of attraction towards your life partner and you will be very close to each other. However, due to this, you may have to become a victim of your life partner's anger for some time. You should avoid falling in love with an outsider as it may cause tension in your domestic life. Time will be moderate for love life. You may have to face the displeasure of your lover. Employed people will have to run a lot in connection with work, but due to your good income, assured success will come. People doing business will feel some anxiety about their work and there can be a decline in health, so you should not take any big risk from your side during this time. The beginning and middle of the week will be good for traveling. This time will be very good for sudents. You will be able to pay full attention to your studies and will get good results in the field of education.

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