Scorpio Scorpio Yearly Marriage 2023 Horoscope



This year should be mixed for Scorpio people. From January 17, the transit of Saturn will be in the fourth house from your zodiac sign, which is considered to give inauspicious results. Its inauspicious effects are seen in health and family matters. However, during this time Jupiter being in the fifth house till the month of April will control the inauspicious results of Saturn to a great extent. After that, the transit of Jupiter will take place in the sixth house from your zodiac, in which Rahu will also transit till November. In this way, where this year may give certain problems in relation to health and relationships etc., there is a possibility of maintaining the status quo in terms of career etc.

This year should generally give good results in terms of marriage and marital happiness. Chances of marriage of marriageable persons are being made. If you want to convert your love relationship into marriage, then from this point of view, the time till April 2023 is favorable. Talks can be held with the lovers and their relatives in this regard. Similarly, if you are trying for an arranged marriage, then planetary compatibility can give you success during this time period. You should make efforts in this regard. This period is favorable from the point of view of marriage. Although there are yogas even after April 2023, but there are not many sacrifices. Therefore, in the first half of the year itself, there will be a possibility of getting expected results of the efforts made in matters related to marriage.
The year 2023 is generally favorable from the point of view of marital happiness. In the first half of the year, there is a possibility of a sweet and close relationship with the life partner, but in the second half, differences may come to the fore in some matters. There is a need to be careful in this regard. Take care of the wishes and feelings of the spouse and try to avoid mutual conflicts.
1. Wear Ratna Shakti locket of Scorpio.
2. Wear Seven faced Rudraksh.
3. Chant the mantra 'Om Sham Shanaishcharaya Namah'.
4. Do Worship of of Lord Shiva.

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