Sagittarius Sagittarius Yearly Family 2023 Horoscope



This year should prove to be a relief for the people of Sagittarius. With the change of Saturn's zodiac sign on January 17, they are getting free from the inauspicious effects of Saturn. The transit of Saturn in the third house from your zodiac will be favorable and due to its effect, progress will be possible in stalled works. Financial condition will improve and there will be family happiness and peace. In the month of April, the transit of Jupiter will come in the fifth house from your zodiac sign, as a result of which better results will start coming and as a result this year should prove to be fruitful for you. The transit of Rahu-Ketu will be in the fifth and eleventh house, which should remain mixed.

This year should also be favorable from the point of view of family happiness. As the time passes, there will be closeness among the family members and cordial relations will be formed. With the cooperation of family members, success will be achieved in any important work, this year is showing the progress of the whole family. There will be a feeling of joy and pride due to the progress of the family members. Along with this, there will be an increase in social honor and prestige. This year there are possibilities of organizing auspicious programs in the family. People who are of marriageable age are likely to get married. Similarly, the couple who are wishing for a child, they will also be able to have a child. This year should be memorable from the point of view of family happiness. There may be problems or concerns related to progeny, but after April 2023 there is a possibility of improvement in this relationship. You will feel happy after getting better results. The child is likely to get success in education, entrance examination and career. Similarly, this year is also fruitful for the parents. If they are in service, they may get promotion and other important achievements and if they are in business, they will get professional achievements.
1. Wear Ratna Shakti locket of Sagittarius.
2. Wear eight faced Rudraksh.
3. The mantra 'Om Ram Rahave Namah' should be chanted.
4. Do worship of Lord Shiva and Hanuman ji.

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