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For Libra people, the year 2023 should be favorable as compared to the previous year. From January 17, the inauspicious effects of Shani are reducing, due to which relief will be experienced. In April, 2023, the transit of Jupiter will take place in the seventh house from your zodiac sign, which is also auspicious. The transit of Rahu-Ketu will remain in the ascendant and seventh house till November, it is problematic in some cases, but comparatively favorable in the fields related to politics, technology, science, computer, communication, onnautics, share market etc.

The year 2023 is better for you in terms of family happiness. Due to the favorable transit of planets, there will be peace in the family and there will be sweet and close relations between the family members. You will also get help from your family members in various fields, even financial assistance can be expected. With the cooperation of family members, there will be progress in career. Such results will be prominently available after April, 2023. There is a need to control speech and behavior this year as well. Passion, anger and haste should be avoided. One should also avoid giving importance to small things. Try to stay away from controversy. There is a need to take care of the feelings, wishes and needs of the spouse. There may be some concern about his health as well. However, after April 2023, time is getting better from this point of view.
Good news will be received after April 2023 in matters related to parents and siblings. The mind will be happy on receiving the expected cooperation from brothers and sisters. Chances are being made for organizing auspicious programs at home. Similarly, there can be active participation in religious and social events this year.
This year is also indicating better results in matters related to progeny. The couple who are desiring to have a child, their wishes are likely to be fulfilled. Similarly, this year should be full of achievements of children. You will feel proud of their achievements in the field of sports, education, arts and career. It is sure that there can be concern in any matter related to them. However, from April 2023 onwards, time is more fruitful from this point of view.
1. Wear Ratnashakti locket of Libra.
2. Wear Seven faced and eight faced Rudrakshas.
3. Chant the mantras 'Om Sham Shanaishcharaya Namah' and 'Om Ram Rahave Namah'.
4. Do Worship of Lord Ganesha and Shiva.

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