Gemini Gemini Monthly Horoscope

(Oct 2023)


The beginning of this month is going to be somewhat busy for the people of Gemini zodiac sign. At the beginning of the month, you may have to travel long or short distances in connection with your career and business. However, the journey will be pleasant and will give rise to new contacts. During this time, there will be an atmosphere of happiness in the house due to the achievement of a dear member. The mind will be happy after getting something related to comfort and convenience. It would be appropriate for a working person to meet his senior and junior in the middle of the month. If you are successful in doing this, you may get the desired promotion or transfer to the desired place. This time will be considered auspicious from the point of view of your business and job, in which all your planned plans will be completed on time. There will be progress in business. There will be an increase in the respect and position of people associated with power and government. In the latter half of the month, you may get a solution to a long standing problem. During this time, you will get full support and cooperation from family and friends. This time will prove to be auspicious for students and women also. There will be chances of auspicious program in the family. Love relationships will deepen. Married life will remain happy. Time is auspicious for businessmen. There will be a business related trip in this month. The transit of Venus and Sun Mars in the ascendant will affect the house of wealth. Jupiter is also influencing your sense of bravery. Due to its influence, there will not only be happiness and peace in your family but you are also expected to get progress in your work. This month, with the support of Mercury, students are going to get a chance to go abroad and hone their skills. From October 10, inferior planets will be present in your money house. During this transit period of inferior planets, you may face some problems related to money. Bitterness of speech can spoil even a work in progress. There are signs of loss in business during this time period.
This month, the financial situation is going to be strong for the people of Gemini zodiac sign. Planetary positions remain in your favour. You should take advantage of this. You may get additional financial benefits this month. You will also pay more and more attention to your savings during this period. Due to all this, you can also plan for future investment and can also think about investing more and more. If you want to invest in permanent property, then from this point of view the month of October is going to provide excellent results. The investments and financial arrangements made by you can provide you good benefits in future. If you are planning to buy any new things like a house or vehicle, then the time is favorable from this point of view. You can buy a new house or vehicle.
This month of Gemini is going to give mixed results in love and relationship life. At the end of the month, people of Gemini zodiac sign are likely to have many pleasant experiences in love. You can enjoy a romantic and sentimental time. For those who are thinking of getting into a marital relationship, there are chances of marriage after the 15th of this month. They may consider getting into marital relations after the 15th of this month. This month it is possible that you may become friends with a new female friend. You can also build a relationship with a female friend, who can be good for you in the future. This female friend can also become your life partner, who can remain dedicated to you throughout your life.
The family life of people with Gemini zodiac sign should remain peaceful. They will be able to enjoy family life. Talking about the planets, the position of the planets remains favorable this month, due to which you will be able to spend loving moments with your family. Time spent with family can prove beneficial for you. Overall, due to the favorable position of the planets, there are chances of a good family life. This month you will be completely successful in spending pleasant moments with your spouse. You can also go to a tourist place with your spouse, which will create sweetness in the relationship between you and your spouse. This journey may also prove favorable for you from the point of view of family happiness. However, your budget may get disturbed during this journey.
This month is bringing very favorable results for you in terms of career, employment and profession. This month it will be possible for you to get new job opportunities and those who are hoping for promotion are likely to get promotion. Due to the favorable position of the planets, after the 15th of this month, it will be possible for the people to get good results in the field of career. Along with promotion in the job, these people may also get a chance to go abroad, due to which the chances of getting more benefits in the field of career will seem to increase. There are chances of sweetness in relations with higher officials. Also, due to the teamwork done by you in the past period, your superiors will have a soft nature towards you and will be able to understand your successes. The month of October is becoming icing on the cake for businessmen. People who are in business will get good results in the first half of this month. There are chances of getting good profits in business. Businessmen can get good benefits from partnership or cooperation. Apart from this, you can also think about investing money in a new business during this period. This month you can also take many business trips for business relationships, which can prove to be good for you from future point of view. . Besides, through these trips you will also be successful in developing new business ideas.
People with Gemini zodiac sign need to take special care of their health this month, because the position of Mars does not seem favorable from the health point of view. Due to the above position of the planets, the natives may have to face more difficulties in health. You may also feel lack of energy. People who are already ill may face some digestive problems. There may also be complaints of body pain due to stress. In such a situation, you have to keep only one thing in mind that you should not leave your regular yoga and exercise and equally take care of your health, because the first happiness is a healthy body.
Remedy: This month, the mantras ‘Om Ghrini: Suryay Namah’ and ‘Om Sham Shanaishcharaya Namah’ should be chanted as much as possible.
Dates worth being cautious: 3, 4, 13, 14, 22, 23, 30 and 31 of this month are worth being cautious.

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