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Family Happiness

In terms of family happiness, this Gocharavadhi cannot be said to be auspicious. Anger and bitterness in speech may remain. This will cause more household trouble. Arguments and differences without cause will be a common feature of this period. Separation of a relative is also possible. There may also be concerns about the health of a household member. Young men and women wishing to marry may face obstacles to marriage at the beginning of the cow period, but conditions will be somewhat favorable in the second half, in which case marriage is possible if attempted. Benefits may be obtained from family and in-laws. There are signs of staying away from home. The time is not favorable in terms of social prestige either. Somewhere you may have to take a sip of humiliation, disgrace, etc. By not doing any religious works you can engage in vile works. You can waste time in it to learn land or some arcane science. Try to avoid such actions and stay in righteous association.

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