Capricorn Capricorn Yearly Love 2023 Horoscope



For the people of Capricorn, this year should prove to be a relief as compared to the previous years. The transit of Saturn in the second house from your zodiac sign will start from January 17, which although is not considered favorable, but can be considered as a relief as compared to the previous transit period. From April 2023, the transit of Jupiter will be in the fourth house from your zodiac sign. It is going to provide relief. The transit of Rahu-Ketu will remain in the fourth-tenth house till November, which is going to provide compatibility in the field of career etc. This year should be providing relief as compared to the previous year.

In terms of love relationship, this year is better than last year. Relationship opportunities will come. There is a possibility of relief in the tension that was going on in the relationship with the partner. Speech and behavior should be curbed. One should respect the wishes and feelings of the life partner and try to maintain a better relationship with them. There can be concern about the health of a family member. Family-family disputes can emerge.

From the point of view of love relations, this year should be better than the previous year. If you are in a relationship, improvement in mutual relations can be expected. From this point of view, time is coming favorable from April 2023. If you want to propose someone, then you should wait for a while and wait for a good time. Such a time seems to be after April 2023. This year can bring ups and downs in relationships. Misunderstandings may arise. There is a need to control speech and behavior. Loose talk can create trouble. You should take care of your lover's feelings and wishes. Don't say such a stinging thing that will hurt them. It needs special attention. Especially before April 2023, such situations may arise. After that improvement can be expected.

From the point of view of friendship, this year seems to be fruitful from April 2023 onwards. Will get support of friends in career. Chances are also being made to meet old school-college friends.
1. Wear Ratna Shakti locket of Capricorn.
2. Wear Seven faced and eight faced Rudrakshas.
3. Chant the mantras 'Om Sham Shanishcharaya Namah' and 'Om Ram Rahave Namah'.
4. Chant Mrityunjaya Mantra 'Om Jum Sah'.

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