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This year should be mixed for Pisces. On January 17, it will enter the twelfth house from your zodiac sign, which cannot be called favourable. Therefore, there is a need to be careful accordingly. In April, 2023, Jupiter will transit in the second house from your zodiac sign. This transit will give favorable results. As a result, there will be a reduction in the effects of Saturn's inauspicious transit. The transit of Rahu and Ketu in the second and eighth house from your zodiac sign cannot be considered favourable. In view of the planetary position, it is advised to avoid risky activities and investments. The inauspicious effects of Shani will reduce due to the compatibility of Jupiter.

The year 2023 can be somewhat challenging in terms of profession and career. The latter should be better than the former. There may be problems in the job due to overwork, relation with higher officials or other reasons. There will be a possibility of transfer etc. to government and permanent personnel. There are chances of job change for temporary employees. Your duties and responsibilities should be performed on time. Do not violate rules and laws and do not trust others too much. After April 2023, there will be relief in job related matters.
From the point of view of business also, the first half of the year can be problematic. Decrease in turnover, increase in expenses, tax and return related problems, business related problems can be troubling. They will experience relief in the second half of the year. Right now is not a favorable time in terms of business expansion.

This year can be mixed in terms of profession and career. There does not seem to be any possibility of significant change. It is likely to remain almost the same as it was last year. The change in the planetary position from April 2023 shows the possibility of getting better results. This year should be generally favorable in terms of job. It is certain that this year there may be circumstances like transfer or job change. There can be an excess of tasks this year. Apart from this, some tension may have to be faced from the higher authority. Efforts should be made to maintain better relations with them. Try to reach your target in time and don't break the rules. Prioritize teamwork.
This year is favorable for professionals. There will be opportunities for advancement for law professionals. There is a possibility of getting good results in IT and medical profession. Professionals will not only get financial achievements, but their fame will also increase.
There is less possibility of special ups and downs in business. Caution is also expected in matters related to business. Although there is a possibility of increase in turnover this year, but with that the cost will also increase. As a result, there may be some disappointment due to not getting the expected profit, but you do not need to worry too much in this regard. The change in the planetary positions from April 2023 will improve the business situation. Over lending should be avoided this year.
You will feel happy if necessary investment arrangements are made for the business. If you want to increase OD or want to take any other type of loan from the bank, then this year can give good news from its point of view. In this regard, the time from April 2023 is comparatively better.
1. Wear Ratna Shakti locket of Pisces.
2. Wear Seven and eight faced Rudrakshas.
3. Do worship of Lord Shiva and Hanuman ji.
4. Touch the feet of the parents.

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