Libra Libra Monthly Horoscope

(Oct 2023)


This month should be auspicious for Libra people. You will feel happy after receiving good news. Enthusiasm and bravery should remain high this month. There will be less laziness and increased activity. Positive thinking will develop and the tendency to do work enthusiastically will increase. Leadership qualities will develop. There will also be leadership opportunities. You will also get expected support from luck. Progress will be possible in stuck tasks. There are chances of making new achievements this month. This month should generally be favorable and fruitful from the health point of view. Health will generally remain good and existing chronic diseases will also get relief.
This month should generally be favorable and fruitful from a financial point of view. There are often chances of favorable conditions in financial matters. It will be possible to control expenses and income will increase. There are chances of profit related to permanent property. Purchasing of new items is possible at home. There are also chances of purchasing a vehicle or permanent property. However, you need to be a little cautious at this time, otherwise you may get into trouble. There is a possibility of profit from shares, lottery or betting. However, this benefit can also be harmful for you in the future, because it can also make you get into the habit of lottery or betting.
This month is going to give favorable results from the point of view of love affairs and relationships. If you have been in a relationship for the past period of time and you want to convert your relationship into marriage, then from this point of view the time is becoming auspicious. There are chances of marriage getting finalized this month. For those who want to establish new love relationships, the time is becoming favorable from this point of view. Can make new friends. However, you should be cautious in this regard. Try to avoid bad company as much as possible.
This month is generally favorable and fruitful from the point of view of family happiness. The family environment is becoming auspicious. Worries regarding family members will go away. There will be an increase in peace, cooperation and harmony in the family. You will feel happy due to the achievement of a family member. There will be relationships between young men and women eligible for marriage. Also, a plan can be made for organizing auspicious programs at home. There are also possibilities for an outing with the family to some tourist destination. This outing can prove to be favorable in terms of sweetening the relationship between you and your spouse.
This month should generally be favorable and fruitful from the point of view of profession and job. There will be a better environment in the office. Achievement of goals and completion of work will be on time. You will get the expected support from colleagues and subordinates, which will make office related work easier. There may be discussions related to appointment to an important post or promotion etc.
From business point of view, this month is more favorable than the previous month. Business conditions will improve. On one hand, there are chances of increase in sales, on the other hand, you may get in touch with big customers.
This month is generally auspicious from health point of view. There doesn't seem to be much change in health. Due to the changing weather, there is a need to pay attention to health. During this time, you may remain troubled by lung and cough related problems. Negligence in this regard is not appropriate. In case of any problem, keep getting medical checkups done and pay attention to your diet and lifestyle.
Remedy: This month, the mantras ‘Om Ghrini: Suryay: Namah’ and ‘Om Angarakay Namah’ should be chanted in maximum numbers.
Dates to be cautious: 5, 6, 14, 15, 23, 24 and 25 of this month are the dates to be especially cautious.

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