Pisces Pisces Monthly Horoscope

(Oct 2023)


The month of October may be a bit expensive for Pisces people. You may face some difficulties in the way of earning and saving money. Apart from this, you may also have to face some challenges in your career. There is also a possibility of change in job or loss of job. Although Pisces people who are hoping for promotion may get some good news, there is a possibility of loss for those who are doing business. You may have both profit or loss. This month too, the position of the transiting planets remains favorable to you to a great extent, due to which you will get benefits in every field. Not only will there be opportunities for progress, but as a result progress will also be possible. These days, the tendency to work by planning will be beneficial. You will be able to do good work as part of teamwork. There are still possibilities for writing and studying. Religious tendencies will also increase. Time is generally favorable from health point of view. You will experience relief in health related matters. Even chronic diseases will be controlled and there will be relief. There are chances of diabetic and heart patients getting relief in their health during this period.
From the financial point of view, this month is generally becoming favorable and fruitful. It will be possible to control expenses by the latter half of this month. Therefore, there will be a possibility of improvement in the financial situation also. There are also chances of profit from the money invested in the past. There are chances of financial gain from permanent property also. People of Pisces may have to work very hard to earn money this month. Your expenses may also increase. Therefore, try to avoid unnecessary expenditure, but if you have been thinking of investing somewhere for some time, then you can get good returns. However, the benefits you get may be a little slow. Also, if you want to buy a new property, then that is also going to be fruitful for you.
Time will be good for love life. The intensity in your relationship will increase, but minor conflicts may also occur. It will bring an outpouring of love in your love life, but you may feel lack of enthusiasm. Even if this happens, do not let the romance diminish with your love, otherwise your partner may distance himself from you. Due to this, some kind of disagreement is possible in your domestic life. One should keep oneself away from ego in mutual relationships. Only then will mental peace be possible.
This month is generally favorable and fruitful from the point of view of family happiness. There is a possibility of domestic conflict in the first half of the month, hence one should stay away from arguments. One should behave appropriately with family members. There is a need to take care of the feelings and wishes of the spouse. These days, there are chances that love relationships will become closer.
This month is generally favorable and fruitful for the working class. There may be opportunities for advancement in job. Time is also favorable for competitive candidates. Their performance will be better in the examination and results are also likely to be better. There are chances of getting a job in the government sector. You will also get support from luck.
Time remains favorable from business point of view. There are still chances of increasing professional skills. You will get opportunities to work on your business plans, the benefits of which will be not only immediate but also long term. There will be a tendency to move ahead of competitors.
Time is mostly favorable from your health point of view. Your health should generally remain good. You will feel healthy physically and mentally, even in chronic diseases you will experience relief.
Remedy: This month, the mantras ‘Om Ghrini: Suryay Namah’ and ‘Om Angarakay Namah’ should be chanted as much as possible.
Dates to be cautious about: 7, 8, 16, 17, 26 and 27 of this month are especially cautious. One should avoid lending money to anyone during this period. Also try to control your speech and behavior.

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